The Learning Experience

The Compassion Project is the first comprehensive, no-cost program designed to help educators facilitate lessons around fundamental Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. This 15-week curriculum combines engaging animated videos, classroom-based lessons, and digital activities into a toolkit that any educator can use.

The Compassion Project includes resources for students, teachers, and parents.

Engaging Videos

Short videos can be streamed daily, weekly, or as needed to introduce students to key concepts and themes.

Lesson Plans

Classroom-ready lessons provide educators with standards-aligned guides to integrate effortlessly 
into instruction.

Digital Lessons

Self-paced or whole-classroom digital activities help educators extend concepts like empathy, emotional awareness, and mindfulness in a novel and engaging way.

Topics include:

Defining empathy and compassion

Identifying emotions

Performing acts of kindness

Practicing mindfulness and growth mindset

Try it out.

Access a lesson and try it out with your students. Each lesson takes just 15 minutes to complete.